Team work is essential both internally, with our clients and partners in ensuring our mission. The team are involved in the open book management of Full Stop as well as reviewing policies and operational improvements at every stage. We value the importance of family when supporting our clients, the team and our partners. 


Full Stop offers up to 2 days a year paid time off for community service for each team member.  We also believe in the ‘oxygen mask theory’ that you need to be in the best place and help yourself before being able to help others, thereby encouraging the team to use these days for wellbeing where needed.



We are proud to have been ‘Net Zero’ in terms of CO2 emissions since August 2018 and whilst maximising our impact on the economy and community we aim to minimise our imprint in doing so on the environment. Our objectives are to:

    • reduce waste and increase recycling
    • reduce electricity consumption
    • enhance our procurement processes so that social and environmental impacts are a key consideration in purchasing decisions
    • monitor and reduce CO2 emissions and for those remaining continue to offset the remaining emissions


    Our mission is to help small business thrive. We’re committed to making a positive impact on people in small businesses by enabling understanding and process to aid sustainable business models.

    We value the importance of simplicity when running your business and do what we can to build this in to our and our clients processes.

    We also value that business needs encouragement to remain successful and succeed in their goals.