Enabling Business

Through technology, accountancy and great stationery we strive for accuracy, efficiency, knowledge and understanding. Making your business the best it can be.


Setting Up

Lauren set out knowing that businesses deserved more understanding & efficiency in how their business was doing.


Becoming a Business

The idea became a limited company and our message grew beyond Cardiff and the South East.

2014 - 2015


We've been using Xero since the first day back in 2011 but it was around this time that our 'type' of accounting started to grow - (Lauren & Alex also had two kids during this time!)


Full Stop Mark Two

Alex and Leah joined the team full time and our client base continued to grow 



With Emma now with us and moving to our own shop at the end of 2017 in Roath we started selling THE BEST BUSINESS TOOLS and a great space to work on people's businesses together.


Our Team Grew

With Craig and Ellie we were able to enhance our service further providing outsourced finance departments and Systems and Process Overhauls.


Full Stop Mark Three

Covid hit 

The Shop is here online - we're helping more businesses than ever rebuild and we're building now building a new workspace.

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Business Blog

Shopify and Xero | Full Stop
Shopify and Xero

Shopify and Xero - A match made in Online-Shopping-Operational Heaven!

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Shop Thoughts

Japanese Stationery | Full Stop
Japanese Stationery

We've long been fans of Ohto Pens and proud that we stock their refillable pens and the corresponding refills. More recently these have been joined by Stalogy, Pilot Dr. Grip Shaker Pencils and Juice Up Needlepoint Pens

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How do the different Blackwings compare? | Full Stop
How do the different Blackwings compare?

Which type of Blackwing is best for you?

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Washi Tape | Full Stop
Washi Tape

The versatile stationery tool that ticks the boxes for sustainability, versatility and customisation.

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