- Studio -


What is this we heAR you sell pens and notebooks?

We sell business tools full stop.  We are in the business of saving people time and headspace when completing their business finances using systems such as Xero. 

So what to do with this saved time and headspace – we think there is nothing better than pulling out a beautiful notebook, a trusted pen or two (possibly in a few colours) and come up with a plan - whether it is:

  • Funding your next adventure
  • A business pivot
  • The next outlet/location
  • 100% growth in the next year (or more!)
  • How to spend more time on what and with those that you love

… we’re here to help and make the world your oyster!

The Studio we have created is not only a great and inspiring space for us to work 'in' your business but also for you to come and work with us 'on' your business.  

We promise great coffee thanks to Extract Coffee, A warm welcome and cosy surroundings - a calm environment to take stock and leave feeling all psyched up for the next business move!

Making Business a Pleasure not a Chore!