- Sole Traders -

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have
— Maya Angelou

Everyone has to start somewhere!

We’re great believers of that and a Sole Trader / Side Hustle / Project (delete as appropriate!) is often a great place to start alongside the money spinner aka. the day job!

In response to this our offering to this market has been 'A Self Assessment Tax Return’

But as part of redefining our processes we’ve realised the advantage of working with us is not us chasing you for information once that year is over

So we’ve turned it on its head and provide workshops AHEAD of the year end so come the 6th April, you know exactly where you stand having been on top of your business throughout the year!

We’ve also compiled our top tips of getting the most from being a sole trader and although our workshops are great places to find our more we’d love to share our Tips worksheet with you by signing up below.


If you’re interested in our workshops, below is the calendar when the next events are running: