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What we do

Business advice for change-makers


Business success equals financial success. Work with us to build a clear picture of your business in real time. Have your finances at your fingertips to always make informed decisions and focus on what you do best. Making a difference through your business.


Understand where you and your business are now and where you want to be, and have an accurate picture of your finances to take you there. Get our support to reduce the chaos, keep your accounting under control, and have the right systems and processes to minimise hassle and workload when that time of the year comes.

Systems & Process Design

Look at your business as a whole to identify what works and what doesn’t, and understand how the pieces of the jigsaw fit together. Work with us to think creatively and make the most of your assets, explore other revenue streams, and find ways to future-proof your business: 

  1. - Creative ideation to innovate your offer
  2. - Business strategy to plan for the short and long term
  3. - Research and development (R&D) funding and support with your application.


Whether it’s the latest accounting software or analogue tools like a business planner, the right technology is empowering. It improves efficiency, removes hassle and helps things run smoothly so you can focus on what you do best. Have the best tech for the job, whatever your needs: real-time financial information or sophisticated stationery. We only recommend what we know works to improve business health and make yours the best it can be.


Through training and workshops, learn the ropes of any software or systems you need to push your business forward. Whether that’s cloud-based accounting software or digital workspaces, get up to speed with the tools and tech for business in the 21st century.  

How we work

1. Discovery

Understand your business, values and goals to identify challenges and opportunities, and how we can best support your work.

2. Planning

No more retrospective accounting and last-minute returns. Just a tailored plan to proactively manage your finances and business with confidence.

3. Reviewing

A successful strategy needs continuous evaluation to stay relevant. Review your systems and processes, learn from what works and what doesn’t, and adapt as your needs change.


“Full Stop is a fantastic team providing an amazing service. Finding a good accountant is a challenge, especially as a small technology business. Where other firms, large and small, failed at caring for understanding our business and needs, Full Stop transformed our business with their refreshingly different approach. Proactive and hassle-free, they’re an integral part of our team and business, and help us understand the numbers in an easy way!”

Dani, Comgem

“Full Stop plays a vital role in developing my company. Everytime we speak, I learn plenty about my accounts and business. But more importantly, the team keeps things ticking over efficiently in the background so I can concentrate on creating new products and growing my business. They’re brilliant! ”

Felix, Knitsonik

“Full Stop makes accounting a real pleasure! As a creative organisation recently turned charity, Full Stop was a great fit for g39. They’ve impacted our approach to finances and accounting, and helped explore territories new to us. Always friendly and on hand to provide advice, guidance and training, the team is clearly invested in their clients' financial success. Their impartial and clear support is invaluable!”

Chris, G39


The Full Stop Way


Look at the big picture to see how your business functions as a whole. Understand what matters to you and identify challenges and opportunities to move you in the right direction.



Business is all about trust and relationships. Great things happen when we focus on people and how to bring the best to their lives.


Business can and should be a force for good. It’s our responsibility to work towards ethical, sustainable business models that make a positive difference for people, society and the planet.



A solution that’s not practical and effective is barely a solution. Receive advice and recommendations that we’ve tried and tested in our business and we know work.

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