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As a busy and ambitious business owner, you want your business information and financials at your fingertips. To take your business where you want it to go you need an accountant that can translate your unique dreams and aspirations for your business into financial sense. We take great pleasure in demystifying the accountancy process into something that can support you in taking your business to the next level and beyond, through combining our knowledge of helping fellow independent businesses with our accountancy expertise along with efficiency through using the latest technology but don’t forget your favourite notebook.

At Full Stop, we use two of our favourite things, Technology and Accountancy, to improve business health and make your business be the best it can be.



We are founded on three passions for business, technology and the people that run them.

Originally started by Lauren as a business to help other businesses make sense of their information and more of their finance function, over time is has evolved to helping more businesses and sharing our journey along the way of getting the most out of the experience of running a purpose led technology enabling business.

So grew the team all with their own expertise but at the same time the shared goal of helping Businesses and their people be the healthiest they can be.
Full Stop is a dedicated and agile Chartered Management Accountants applying their financial expertise to provide progressive businesses with an empowered accountancy service.

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