– FAQ –


So here are a few questions that we asked ourselves in advance on your behalf based on what we get asked often:


We are just starting up and are very small and just starting up - Can you still help us?

Yes the earlier the better and you’re the type of people we love to hear from! As it’s so often the case that financial best practice is best and easiest implemented whilst small.

If you’re just setting out and our full services aren’t for you though, we understand too check out our Sole Trader page to hear more how we help here.


We’re not sure what we need?

That’s fine - we know and understand you! You didn’t get into business to be doing ‘this side of things’ and that’s why we are here either to point you in the right direction of either what you can do yourselves, what systems can be implemented to help or what we can do for you.


You talk about 'Systems' - Do YOU HAVE A PREFERENCE?

In a nutshell we know how to get the best for your business from 'Xero' - this doesn't mean we don't know others such as QuickBooks Online and Freeagent - to the contrary we pride ourselves on it.  But for now we are focussed on providing Xero as the system - if you have a business successfully running on another we'd be more than happy to talk to you but for an ongoing bookkeeping and accounting relation with ourselves it would Xero that we would both need to agree on.

In short - We have a great relationship with them, we use it every day to get the best from it and know we can find a solution that will work with it for any of our current clients - #nobrainer!


What’s a typical client?

We’re proud to say there is no such thing. But what our clients do have in common is that they are passionate about their business and have plans of what they want there business and loves to become and are looking for help to measure, evaluate and set targets to make sure this happens.


What type of people do you work with?

In terms of people who fit well with us it’s those who value the support of professionals taking time to understand your business, and themselves up to now may have been struggling to find time to understand their finances, accounts and systems. 


COme On.. What TYpe of business do you have most success with?

Ok three in particular - 'Creatives', 'The Arts' and 'Entrepreneurs'



Our business is regulated by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.  We take great pride in being Business Accountants this is where we trained - in Business and what we do best helping businesses by being part of them, building and understanding them.