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Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Silver 0.5mm Rotation Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm M5-1017

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Uni Kuru Toga Roulette is a premium mechanical pencil bear with us why we explain more!

When using a normal mechanical pencil at a typical writing angle, the lead point quickly becomes chisel-shaped. This leads to broader, less precise lines; and crumbling of the resulting sharp edge. 

Each time you write, you will get a different experience depending on how the pencil is rotated. This can cause multiple problems synonymous with mechanical pencils:

1. As you start to write you might have a sharp point, but as you continue to write the point is worn down and so your line widths become un-uniform. This leads to smudgy, thick lines.

2. If you pick the pencil up and happen to start writing with the tip of the angled point, it is likely to scratch or catch on the paper.

3. The angle at which the lead comes into contact with the paper is a common cause of lead breakage.

The unique gear mechanism of the Kuru Toga rotates the lead every time it is touched to the paper, resulting in a clean cone-shaped tip which is sharp and resistant to breaking. Simple, yet brilliant. 

You are effectively using only 50% of the lead area that you were previously using with a standard mechanical pencil. So, a 0.5mm Kuru Toga will write
thin Lines and have less breakage than a standard 0.5mm mechanical pencil.

The barrel has a knurled aluminium grip section which has a small window to demonstrate the rotating action. You can see the logo on the centre gear rotating when the tip is pressed to the writing surface. 

There's a replaceable eraser under the push-button. 

The Numbers:

148mm long

10mm diameter

Weight: 14g 

Around 40 touches for a complete lead rotation!

Our thoughts:

Simple. Brilliant. Innovative.

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