Pilot Juice Up Black Gel Pen-Pen-Pilot-
Pilot Juice Up Black Gel Pen-Pen-Pilot-0.3mm-
Pilot Juice Up Black Gel Pen-Pen-Pilot-0.4mm-

Pilot Juice Up Black Gel Pen



A deluxe version of the Japanese Classic - This Juice Up imported from Japan features:

  • Ink: The Juice Up features smoother-flowing ink than the original whilst still being water-based pigment ink, giving it great waterproofness and fade-resistance.
  • Tip: The Juice Up uses a unique "synergy tip," which combines the precision of a needlepoint with the durability of a conical point.
  • Body: The comfortable grip section and overall lightness make the pen easy and comfortable to use

The Numbers:

Comes in a choice of 0.3mm or 0.4mm 

We currently sell the LP3RF 0.3mm and 0.4mm refills